Best Rolling Papers for Better Joints

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Even though there is a lot of cannabis tech on the market today, smoking joints remains one of the most affordable ways to get high. Papers cost less than $5 per pack. You can even find high-quality documents for a fraction of the price. However, some pieces are better than others. These are the top rolling papers and the things you need to know before choosing the right one for you.
Material Matters: Papers can be made from hemp, wood pulp, or rice. Each material offers different benefits. For example, if you live in the Pacific Northwest, avoid rolling rice paper as it can be challenging to move due to the moisture and dampness. On the other hand, Hemp papers are thicker, more flexible, and have a longer burn time than rice paper.

Thinner is better: Thinner papers are slower and more even, so you will experience less canoeing while toking. In addition, thinner paper allows your flower’s flavors to shine because you won’t inhale nearly as much paper smoke. Check to see if any of your favorite brands offer ultra-thin options. However, they can be more complex than hemp options and are harder to roll.

Grab a Crutch: Grab a set of crutches while you’re out collecting papers. Crutches provide stability for the joint (both rolling it and when you’re passing it about), and they are simple to make.

Do not be afraid to ball out: The price difference between high- and low-quality papers is very narrow. Sometimes it is worth spending the extra money. You don’t want your good ganja to go to waste. Low-grade papers can cause coughing fits, making them harder to roll and burn faster.

Buy from a Licensed Seller. Fake documents will often contain harmful additives. Counterfeit documents aren’t as good as real ones. For licensed resellers, visit the official website of the brand.
Berner, a Bay Area rapper and CEO at a Cookies cannabis company, has released Vibes rolling paper. (If you’ve ever tried Girl Scout Cookies, Berner is credited). A true expert in weed created these papers. Vibes sells hemp, rice, and ultra-thin roll papers in the standard size one 1/4 and King slim sizes. This makes Vibes your one-stop shop for rolling paper.

Each piece is crafted from rice paper grown in France in the Dominican Republic. Rice paper is known for being difficult to roll and very smooth. But, on the other hand, it vibes rice paper rolls quickly and has an excellent grip.
These 24k rolling papers say it all: “I like smoking weed and being cool.” Unfortunately, they are not as pretty as they look. There is a hemp blend underneath the edible gold coating. You don’t want them to be handed to someone who isn’t skilled at rolling. They burn slightly faster than other hemp papers, and the gold does not interfere with burn evenness. The company also sells white gold options if the gold is not compatible with your Timex collection.

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