How to build a rebuildable atomizer

When you have been vaping for a time, and you have finally heard of rebuildable atomizers (RBA’s). You will look at and think you would never need such a complex piece of vaping equiptment, rebuildable atomizers are for the more season vaper right? Its quite confusing for a noob to be reading all the forum posts about rebuildables and fair enough we also belive that this can sometimes scare new vapour addicts away. But once you ahve built your first rebuildable coil, you will realise how easy it is. That’s right it is really really easy especailly if it’s a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA).

There are so many benefits for taking the time to larn to rebuild your coils,so dont miss out on them, give it a go Just a few of the benefits are, the flavour totally different and the throat hit is like nothing you have had before.

We have broken the steps down for you and you need to bear in mind this is only a basic guide, different people have different systems. Once you have built your first couple of coils you will start to develop your own system and more than likley stick with that process until the end of days. Here is the preparation bit, Gather all of the items below and lay them all on a surface where there is plenty of room to play around until you get it right.

  • rebuildable atomizer
  • pair of nail clippers
  • pair of pliers. Needle nose pliers work great.
  • paper clip, safety pin or nail
  • two-inch length of gauge wire. 32 gauge incase you dont know where to start.
  • two-inch length of wick. Silica wick is good, but you can use cotton wick if you prefer.
  • a screwdriver to fit your screws. precision screwdrivers are great.

Step 1.

Wrapping the coil

Relax, take your time and dont put to much thought into this, For this tutorial, this coil will be made with four to five wraps of kanthal wire. This will create enough resistance for the coil, then simply fold the wick in half.

Place the saftey pin next to the wick. You need something stable to help you wrap the wire rond the coil nice and tight. Wrap the wire around the coil tightlt four or five times. And leave some wire on each end of your coil so you can attach it to your atomizer. When you have wrapped it the way you like it remove the saftey pin and put it out of the way, pull the coile tighter around the wick, use the pliers if you need to. When you do this you must make sure each wrap has the same tention and the between the wraps are even.

Step 2.

The next step is to attach the coil to your atomizer. Unscrew the scerws of your atomizer and wrap one end around one of the screws and tighten it up.

Then attach the the other end, and again tighten it up nice and tight. If you are struggling to attach them securly then try wrapping the coils in the direction that the screw  go back in. When you start to screw in your posts you will notice that it will pull the coil tight against them. Avoid leaving unwanted space between the screws and your coil. It doesnt matter about extra wire hangin about. You can use the nail clippers to trim this off once bothe ends are securley attached to the screws. How long you leave it is down to you, as long as your happy.

Step 3

Time to test fire the coil and tweak it should you need to.

Attach the RBA to your mod and fire it up. The coil should heat up and turn red, this is to be expected, do not hold the button down for to long though You only need to find out if it is firing properly. If the coil turns red in the middle and works its way out towards the screws then you hav wrapped the coil correctly and  you have finished.

If the coil is turning red somewhere else other than the middle then you may have wrapped it unevenly,or one screw on the post is likely to be looser than that the other. The best way to corect this is to tug on the coil until it starts heating from the middle or tighten one of the screws. If it is not heating at all then the resistance could be far to low for your device or the coil is not attached to one of the post correctly. If this is the case you probably are better off and starting again. Next pick up one of your juicecs and start vaping and produce some huge clouds, take some pictures and send them to us so we can see your results.

Rebuildable coils can be so much fun and very rewarding so start small and work your way up to some more advanced options. Dont get scared it’s not as hard as it looks is it??

We have a good range of rebuildable coils in stock and you can find them here.


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