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18350 Battery Product Features: 

Rechargeable 3.7V 18650 900mAh li-ion battery.

10Amp continuous Draw

18350 Battery Details:

A 18350 battery is a measurement: 18mm in diameter and 35mm long. The main difference is their capacity, which is calculated in mAh. The larger the mAh the more charge it will hold, and the longer it will last before it needs recharging.

mAh stands for Milliamp Hour, a technical term for how much power a particular battery will hold. Digital camera batteries with higher mAh values theoretically last longer without requiring a recharge, allowing you to take more photographs before you have to replace your batteries.

The Trustfire 18350 battery is a 900mAh battery. Unprotected.

18350 battery is 3.7volts

No memory effect. Recharge up to 1000 cycles.

Battery dimension: 35mm (height) x 18mm (diameter)


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