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Kayfun Lite Plus PLUS 26650 Kayfun clone



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Product Description

kayfun lite plus plus

Kayfun Lite Plus PLUS 26650 Kayfun clone

Fully re-buildable tank fed atomizer.

Features of The Kayfun Lite Plus PLUS 26650 Clone

Bottom fill via a fill screw holds 10ml of e-liquid.

air flow control from the side.

stainless steel tank section.

Brushed stainless steel construction throughout.

510 threading with adjustable positive centre pin.

Can be built with silica or cotton to produce a fabulous vape that’s consistent and full of flavour.

The famous Kayfun Lite has finally been reproduced to an exceptional quality and a superb price. There are many ways in which to build the Kayfun – from dragon coils and cotton wicks, to micro coils and silica or Ekowool. The Kayfun Lite Clone uses a stainless steel deck on which to build your coil and two posts to make your connections. The air flow is directed directly below the coil and up through the chimney part of the atomizer. This design produces some of the best tastes and flavours of any atomizer and it’s the reason why the Kayfuns are so popular. It’s simple to build, solid in construction and very consistent in its operation.

Once you have mastered coil building, and your preferred wicking material, this atomizer will give you years of service. The cost is minimal as you don’t have to buy any heads or replacement parts.

All the wicks, wire and rebuildable spares can be bought here

A quick note about clones:

We respect the original manufacturer and are against direct copies that badge themselves as the original. This leads to confusion and often disappointment. However, we do promote clones that are advertised as such and perform in the same manner as the original, but make a huge saving on the originals costs. If the clone works to your taste it might encourage you to spend the extra and purchase the original. Buying an original that you don’t like is just as disappointing.


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