Nautilus Rebuildable Coil
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Nautilus Re-buildable Coil

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Nautilus Rebuildable Coil1

We have included a Tool Only Option for those of you who are confident to make your own Heads. The tool allows you to easily insert the coil and align it to exactly the correct position. You will need to drill out 2 juice holes to 2.25mm diameter.

Nautilus Re-buildable Coil :

Re-build and re-use this coil for the Aspire Nautilus. It’s simple and very effective.

Comes Pre-built to 1.6 Ohms and pre-wicked with Organic Cotton Ready to use and enjoy.

These produce a Stella vape and far superior to the standard coil with more flavour and a lot more vapour.

The main advantage other than more flavour and Vapour is they are fully re-buildable and simple to do.

Once you feel your vapour diminish you can re wick the coil by simply removing the old wick and re threading new cotton. as long as the coils are not too clogged up this will totally refresh the vape.

Once the coils are too clogged soak the Coil overnight to remove gunk and then re wick and use again.

once the coil finally fails you soaking isn’t improving the vape simply re-coil and away you go again. never buy another stock coil again!

In The Kit you get:

1. 1 x Prebuilt and wicked ready to go Nautilus Coil

2. 1 x Re-Coiling Tool

3 1 x Ball of Organic Cotton wool


To re-coil the Nautilus Re-buildable Coil:

1. Remove the bottom Pin and the white grommet and set to one side.

2. Remove the old coil

3. build your new coil with either Kanthal or Nichrome.

4. install the coil on the tool ensuring the strands are aligned in their slots.

5. insert the assembly into the Nautilus head and fold 1 wire across the base.

6. Thread the Grommet over the second wire and push into place.

7. fold the final wire and insert the pin.

8 trim the wires and re-wick.

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