Fogger V4 Black 1
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Fogger V4

5.00 out of 5
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Product Description

Fogger V4 Black 1

Fogger V4

Its taken them 4 versions to get it right and wow have they got it right!!

Dual coil as a standard build andĀ Dual air channels directly under each coil. A Fogger by name and a Fogger by nature. This RBA produces an excellent vape huge amounts of vapour and tonnes of flavour. It is a warm Vape due to the twin coils and a strong throat hit. if your after big clouds this is the tank for you.

Fogger V4 Features

Solid stainless steelĀ in Satin Black or Stainless Steel
Brushed finish
Dual coil only
4 channel for juice flow
Dual adjustable air flow
Adjustable 510 connection
Filling screw on base
Pyrex glass tank
22 mm diameter
Comes with spares kit

Looks the business on the Stingray Black 26650 or the Black Panzer

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Black, Stainless Steel

2 reviews for Fogger V4

  1. Paul B
    5 out of 5


    The V4 fogger it works fantastic it’s up there with the taifuns kayfuns etc.dual coil gives real thick vapor and good strong taste.being honest the only atomiser that beats it in my personal opinion is the expromizer but that is two and a half times dearer and almost impossible to find anywhere in the fogger v4 is well worth the money and you soon find your preferred coil ohms and wicking system and if you listen to James here on vapenquit he will tell you what he has found to be the best combination of wicking material wire type and size and ohms that works but please bear in mind as you proberly already know is this is very much down to personal taste and type of ejuice you won’t be disappointed with this fogger v4 if you decide to take the plunge.

  2. Leo
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    It’s got to be the full 5 starts for the Fogger V4. What an amazing atty! The flavour and vapour production is really incredible.
    This is my first dual-coil (only been vaping 3 months), but I can’t use my Kanger Pro Tanks after this, it feels like you get nothing out of them.
    I was happy building coils for my single coil pro tank heads, so I felt confident having a go at building this. To be honest, it is a fair bit more fiddly than a single coil build. But there are enough youtube vids out there to help you. And after a couple of builds I am getting much more confident with it. It is definitely worth the extra effort for the results the Fogger v4 gives you

    My latest build is 32 gauge Kanthal, 2x 11 wrap micro coils around a 2mm drill bit. Gives a 1.9ohm resistance. Wicked with cotton just to the bottom of the channels (not sticking out of the juice channels). I’m using the Fogger on a Vamo, and depending on juice it seems best to me at 9.5w – 11.5w No dry hits, no burnt taste, and no gurgling. Coming from a Pro Tank 2, the vapour the Fogger produces is incredible. This set up is a long way from sub-ohm cloud chasing, but honestly I couldn’t be happier with the vape this things gives. Plenty of vapour, and more taste from my liquid than I ever got before. (I’m changing my wicks and giving it a dry burn every other tank – but bear in mind that this tank holds A LOT of juice… very nearly 2 days worth for me)

    A note on the draw of the Fogger: on my first build I thought “oh no, what have I bought”… I found the draw far too loose and airy… but trust me you soon get used to it… if I go back to my Pro Tank (fitted with airflow control ring fully open) now it feels like I can’t get a draw on it. It’s like you have to ‘learn’ how to vape the Fogger, but after a couple of tanks full of juice I’m obsessed with it… I will need to get another one (or two!!)

    If you are thinking about picking up the Fogger v4, go for it.. you won’t be disappointed.

    First class pre-purchase advice (and next day delivery) from James as always. If you’re not buying your vape gear from James, you should be!!

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