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Aero Base


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Aero base

The Kanger Protank Aero Base

Transforming the Protank 2 and 3 into an Aero tank. Also fits the Davide BDC/BCC and the Davide King

Unscrew the base of your Protank 2 or 3. Remove the coil and Screw into the Aero base. Ensure you have a snug fit so the seals seal. Voila you now have a Kanger Protank 2 or 3 running as an Aero tank.

When using a coil for the first time they need a few minutes to soak in the juice. Hold the tank in the upright position or mounted on your mod just for a few minute’s before Vaping.

This transforms the ever popular Protank into an Aerotank. No need to upgrade to an Aerotank just add this adaptor. Vapour production will be improved so will taste and throat hit. All this from your favourite tank. The ring increases the over all height of the Protank by 5.3mm but is the same diameter as the Protank.

Doing this conversion on the Davides works exceptionally well as they run as standard the Aspire Dual coils.

Kanger Protank Aerotank conversion adaptor

Kit includes:

The Kanger Aerotank Base


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