Aspire Nautilus BDC
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Aspire Nautilus BDC

5.00 out of 5
(7 customer reviews)


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Product Description

The brand new Aspire Nautilus BDC with full AIR FLOW CONTROL Aspire Nautilus

 A massive 5ml capacity with dual coils and air flow control.

Air flow control offers two unique features:

1. It allows you to adjust the draw to suit your style of vaping, from tight to airy.

2. It allows you to adjust the air flow to suit your e-liquid. The tighter the draw, the more liquid will be pulled into the coils. The lighter the draw, the less liquid will be drawn into the coils.

The air holes consist of 0.9mm, 1.1mm, 1.4mm and 1.8mm with a click stop to hold the control ring in the set position. You can also choose to half close the holes, to really specify your taste.

Two coil heads come in the kit – a 1.6Ohm and a 1.8Ohm replacement coil packs are available here

A beauty ring is also included to complete the look, if you wanted to fit it to an ego style battery or a twist.

Changeable drip tip so you can customise the look.

The Aspire Nautilus BDC is a great vape, as you would expect from an Aspire product. 5ML capacity allows for longer periods before refilling. Pyrex tanks are resistant to any e-liquid that is known to affect the plastic versions. Bottom dual coils provide allthe vapour production you would need,with an excellent throat hit.  Highly recommended and a very popular tank system.


Features of the Aspire Nautilus BDC

22mm diameter for perfect fitting to most mods

510 thread fitting no need for air channels

Pyrex tank construction

Holds a huge capacity of 5ml of liquid

Dual coil heads in 1.6Ohm and 1.8Ohm

Stainless steel construction

Full side air flow control

Changeable drip tip

Please note this is a completely new design coil head, so the normal Aspire BDC coils do not fit the Aspire Nautilus BDC

Spare coils available here

Nautilus tank Nautilus Stainless Steel replacement Tank


Additional Information


Nautilus only, + Spare SS Tank

7 reviews for Aspire Nautilus BDC

  1. PooterMan
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Ordered Monday night and arrived Thursday. Had already watched YouTube reviews and filled it in seconds. Gotta say, previously, my fave tank was my ProTank2, but the Nautilus blows it away! Easy to fill, superb build quality, and I love the airflow control and the huge capacity tank. Easily the best flavour and vapour production of all my devices so far. Highly recommend this.

    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    the best tank on the market that I could find fantastic

  3. hull_cityafc
    5 out of 5


    This tank Is the best I have used from a huge list!

    No “hissing” or gurgling no leaks no flooding, Great flavour and vapour just a completely perfect tank

    Airflow control works without any fuss and very very easy to set up

    Its also completely rebuildable

    If you are looking for a well built solid tank then this is the one you want!

  4. neil8465
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    where do i start, ive used around 20 different tanks,atomisers,etc over the last two years some good some really bad. This tank is to me the best preforming tank on the market right now and is going to take some beating. The whole design is very user friendly superb quality build very simply to maintain change a coil in a minute. Now to the performace. the airflow control is a superb idea,if you like a tight vape or an airy vape this caters for to actual use the vape is amazing loads of smoke,very clean taste no burnt taste or gurgling, no leaking anywhere. Ive got nothing negative to say with this product apart from the glass tank could be an issue if you drop it,but james from vape&quit has the perfect solution a stainless steel tank which ive purchased and that will last a lifetime and to be honest the steel tank isnt that expensive and you know you will never break also has bigger juice capacity so i can run all you may think buying the steel tank with the nautilus is expensive,well its money well spent unless you want to waste money on someting that is cheaper and wont preform. buy this product you wont regret it

  5. Roy
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    For financial reasons (not health as I am old and knackered anyway) I went to my local Vape shop to see about buying a starter kit (650mah battery, CE4 type plastic tank, USB charger cable plus mains wall plug and a bottle of 10ml juice of my choice)
    which I did, and the chap there was very patient and explained everything.
    The kit was about £20.99.
    However, since then I have discovered all sorts of shiny things in the vaping world, and bought the MVP v2 which came with the iClear 30. At the same time I ordered the iClear X.1.
    A couple of days later I spotted the Aspire Nautilus, and after endless YT reviews I decided on that and not the Kanger Aerotank.
    Now, it is shaped like an old fashioned glass valve (found in old radios and TV’s) but I love it because:
    It has a massive 5ml tank made of Pyrex glass.
    It is easy to fill as the ‘mouth’ of the tank is very spacious so you would really have to try hard to get juice down the centre air post.
    It is easy to take apart to clean.
    The air flow control to me is far superior to the Aerotank which looks a bit loose and floppy. There are four air holes to chose from, and by turning the ring from the smallest to the largest, there is a satisfying ‘click’ when you turn the ring, which is nicely knurled.
    The glass tank is well sealed when assembled with juice.
    I find I can vape the juice down to the bottom of the tank without any problems, no leaks, no gurgles, just juice and vapour.
    I like that the bottom 510 pin to connect to your battery device is spring loaded, so self adjusting and should fit any device, where others with fixed pins may not.
    So all in all I love it as it seems to me to be a well engineered bit of kit, so much so that since my original supplier was out of stock, I found this site and promptly ordered another one, as it is a great all round performer.
    I also added this site into my very small list of sites I would check first when I want to buy more kit.
    Darn it, if I am going to save money by not buying ciggies, I may well spend some of it here..

  6. Matthew
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    My favourite tank, airflow control is fantastic and flavour is phenomenal this is easily one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.

    Also thumbs up to Vape ‘n’ Quit Delivery within 2 days and excellent value – Very happy!

  7. Douglas
    5 out of 5


    I’ve been vaping for 4 years since the time of the little pre-filled cartridges, tried many of the upgrades and enhancements and finally arrived at this superb clearomizer. It puts to bed all the niggles that made vaping a hit-and-miss exercise, now so quick and easy to fill and adjust ‘draw’ to my liking, no leaks whatsoever and capacity to last all day. I’ve been using the Nautilus for some weeks without any problem whatsoever and can thoroughly recommend it. In fact this is my second purchase of the item to replace a poor clone that a disappointed relative bought from eBay for just a few pounds less. Buyer beware, the eBay copy was inferior in every way this genuine clearomizer excels, poor machining, ‘draw’ adjustment holes not lining up (and the adjustment ring eventually seizing up), and persistent leaking. This when the eBay item was listed as ‘Genuine’, a prime example of ‘you get what you pay for’.
    So, I commend this Genuine Nautilus to new and experienced vapors alike, this item is the ‘beez kneeze’.

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