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Aspire Nautilus NEW BVC coils

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Aspire Nautilus coils

Aspire Nautilus NEW BVC coils for the Aspire Nautilus and Mini Nautilus


Aspire Nautilus Coil BVC Coil guidelines:

Aspire Nautilus Coil BDC (bottom dual coil) heads have been developed for the fantastic Aspire Nautilus. Rather than using the existing standard BDC coil design, Aspire decided that the Nautilus deserved its own unique design. Thus improving an already brilliant product into the Nautilus. now updated to BVC


To change your coil:

If you notice the vapour production diminishing and the flavour becoming muted, it’s probably time to change your coil. Before you do if you can up the voltage or wattage, try that first. That can often burn off some of the residue on the coils. To replace the coils turn your tank upside down, having removed it from your battery or mod. Unscrew the base. Dry off the old coil with a tissue or paper towel, just so that you can grip the head easily and unscrew it from the base. Re-fit the new coil. Reassemble the base to the tank. Now rest the tank in the upright position, preferably on the mod, and give it a few minutes to soak up the juice before vaping.


These are rebuildable and a video of how its done is here:

Aspire Nautilus Nano Coils

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