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Product Description

ego twist

EGO Twist Battery

What is it?

The EGO Twist Batteries are Ego and 510 threading, so will fit any Ego or 510 threaded device.

They produce a constant 3.7volt output, no matter what state of charge.

They use a 5 click on/off feature. 5 clicks in quick succession will turn the battery on or off.

 How does it work?

As well as the battery inside, there is a small circuit that controls the battery to prevent over charging. This circuitry also controls the on/off feature. You charge your battery via the 510 charger.

The main feature of the Ego Twist is the variable voltage (VV). The dial on the base will twist, allowing you to alter the voltage supplied to you cartomizer. The higher the voltage, the more vapour it will produce and the stronger the throat hit will be. The volts are variable from 3V to 4.8V. One of the simplest and most effective upgrades you can make from standard.

Ego Twist Options

Colour options:  Black

Battery Size: Diameter 14mm, length; 80mm 650mAh  – 90mm 1000mAh

650mAh will last up to 5 hours

900mAh will last up to 6 hours

1100mAh will last up to 10 hours

1300mAh will last up to 12 hours



They can be charged at least 1000 times and will last for months. You can even charge them in your car using the USB in car charger. Variable voltage allows you to adjust the power to your cartomizer increasing the power to produce more vapour and a stronger throat hit. We can’t recommend them highly enough to improve your vape and keep the slim lines or your existing cartomizer.



Ego Chargers

In car high power USB output for mobile charging here



If you like the effect of VV, why not try the larger batteries in the mechanical Mods or the VV and VW Vamo.

Vape On! Welcome to the new you.


mAh stands for Milliamp Hour, a technical term for how much power a particular battery will hold. Digital camera batteries with higher mAh values theoretically last longer without requiring a recharge, allowing you to take more photographs before you have to replace your batteries.

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900mAh, 1100mAh, 1300mAh


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