Strawberry Ice

Strawberry Ice

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Strawberry Ice

Strawberries, with an ever so subtle hint of minty freshness, leaving a fresh strawberry taste. Superb for an all day vape.


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Product Description

Tony’s Velvet Gourmet E-Liquid



Strawberry Ice


Tony is a UK supplier of top quality and fantastic tasting gourmet E-liquids. Based in the rolling dales of Derbyshire, Tony dedicates his time to producing a sublime E-liquid that will envelop your taste buds.

All of his products are made from natural flavours and brewed at his custom plant in Derbyshire. Gourmet E-liquids require steeping, which is a term used for gourmet liquids. Basically, they require time for the flavours to be absorbed and mix with the PG and VG. Most steeping is done on Tony’s premises, but an extra few days turning and standing your liquid will enhance its flavour even further.

Although Tony can mix any custom mix, all flavours are mixed to 50/50 VG/PG. This gives a perfect balance of vapour production and taste. Generally VG (vegetable glycerine) is the vapour producer and the density of the vapour. It also adds a sweet taste, but it’s not good at carrying flavour. PG (propylene glycol) is the flavour carrier, but not so good at vapour, and has a drying effect. Mix the two and you have the perfect harmony.

The nicotine content is customisable, but mainly broken down into:

Low – 6mg per 100ml which is equivalent to 0.6%

Regular – 12mg per 100ml is equivalent to 1.2%

Medium – 18mg per 100ml is equivalent to 1.8%

High 24mg per 100ml is equivalent to 2.4%

Nicotine levels are usually measured by throat hit. The easiest way to describe that would be the difference between Silk Cut and Benson and Hedges Gold.



The simple guideline is:

5 – 10 a day smoker         Low 6mg Vaper

10 – 15 a day smoker      Regular 12mg Vaper

15 – 20 a day smoker      Medium 18mg Vaper

20 + a day smoker           High 24mg Vaper

This is a very simple guide. It is very subjective, as the more vapour you produce the more it feels like smoking anyway, so its always better to go slightly lower if you’re not sure.

The ultimate aim is to go nicotine free. Tony makes a range of full flavour, nicotine free E-liquid.

Additional Information

Nicotine Level

Low 6mg, Regular 12mg, Medium 18mg, High 24mg

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  1. MURAT
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    This is beautiful… need to steep for a bit but taste of strawberries just yummy…

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